Golden West Pool Tables

We carry a few brands of pool tables, but we always high light our Golden West Tables. They are made in Oregon and nothing is brought in from overseas in the production of these tables. They do not start building a table until we order it. We try to keep several styles in stock but […]

What size Table should you have?

Figuring out which size pool table is right for your home usually depends on the size of the room you want to put it in. All sizes are regulation. Regulation simply means that the slate (or table) is twice as long as it is wide. Following that rule all tables will have the same feel […]

Pick a Style

  Pool Table style is important as you probably already have in mind the look you want, and your home probably reflects that style. You can almost always match your homes style with a pool table. From the very traditional to the very modern and many styles in between.

Pick a Stain color

  This shows an Imperial Cherry Stain by Golden West manufacturer. Most companies have at least a few stains to choose from. Golden West has quite a few because they customize them 1 at a time. Our other companies have at least 3-4 stains to choose from. They all vary from the very dark traditional […]

Pick your Accessories

All of our pool tables come with a minimum package of accessories to get you started playing right away. The smallest package is 2 cues, a ball set, 8 ball triangle, a 2 pc , 6 cue holder, brush, chalk and how to play book. This is a $150.00 package. This is the economy package […]