Foosball is one of our more popular large games. Foosball can be a great recreational game for any game room. Foosball does not take up a large amount of space in a room and is enjoyed by casual players to the fanatics who can’t get enough ! The Furniture style featured is a solid wood cabinet that can really hold up to intense playing. This table is not easy to scratch and if it does get some marks they can easily be fixed with furniture polish . This table is part of our C.L. Bailey collection. Please click on the C.L. Bailey Link to the right of this page and under “products” on their website to  see the Foosball and the different stains it comes in. We usually have their Foosball tables in stock and ready to go!

We also carry Tornado Brand Foosball tables. The sport model is the one we try to keep in stock year round. The tornado tables are known for their finesse. Leagues and tournaments in the Foosball world are played on tornado tables. The men and the pins that hold them to the bars , the bars and the type of balls used in play set Tornado tables apart from the ordinary Foosball.