A big part of our business is moving tables from one residence to another. This usually happens when someone sells their home and moves, or sells their pool table to another party, or purchases a used table. We need to know the size of your table being moved. (Usually a 7′, 8′ or 9′ table.) Regulation size only means it is twice as long as it is wide, so we need more information than just regulation size.
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RECOVERS – re rubbering – pockets
Recovers are the re felting of your pool table. We need most of the same info for a recover as for the move. The size of the pool table is the most important information to make sure we cut the cloth correctly for your size table. We have over 30 colors to choose from and the prices we quote are using our 21 oz Teflon invitational cloth by Championship. They have been our cloth supplier for over 20 years and we always get consistent quality from them. You can always upgrade to their Tour Edition Cloth. (More details here)

Set Ups – tear downs – Crating Slates
Just to touch on a few more services we offer. We Do set ups on pool tables. Usually you have moved the table or have had some one else move it to your residence. Then we would do just the set up part for you, and if the tear down was done properly we can almost always re use the cloth it came with. Of course you may opt for new cloth if your tired of the color or moved to a new residence where another color would look better with that decor. (More details here)