Cues are 15% off the retail price everyday.

This is very important for anyone thinking about buying a new Cue!!

The reason our 15% off everyday pricing is important is because that is usually the maximum the companies we deal with that manufacture these cues will allow us, or any other retail outlet including online stores to discount their cues. At least that is the most we can advertise to the public. There are some exceptions including if the manufacturer gives us a better deal on clearance items etc, we may be allowed to advertise a larger discount. but the main reason for this is so those of us who own a brick and mortar store have the ability to make our customers the same deals as online stores.

Since online stores usually have little to no extra overhead for a building etc, they can always sell at a lower cost. Most customers picture a big operation from an online store, but its usually a few people in cubicles from their home or a small warehouse. Sometimes they just have the manufacturer drop ship to you and sometimes they keep a small inventory, but when they are out they will not reorder just for 1 customer.

A store like ours offers the same pricing, but you actually get to try your cue before you buy it. Seeing a cue in person; having an educated person explain why cues have different pricing, and helping you decide the right weight for your cue and sooo much more make it a great decision to buy at your local store.

We also order cues for customers and when it comes in you still get to try before you buy, unless it is a total custom cue.

We are always there to answer your questions. So stop in some time and have some fun while learning about the products you are interested in!!

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