15%Off Cues and Cases Everyday!

WE OFFER 15% OFF the MSRP price of MOST of our Cues and Cases “EVERY DAY”!!!    (manufacturers suggested retail price)

All of cues and cases are are well known Brands that we have been selling for years. We have a lot of knowledge on what makes a good cue and can help you with any of your purchase decisions.

We have some great lines of American made cues that have been in business for many years.
Some of those manufacturers are Viking, McDermott, Peschauer and Joss.
Viking and Mcdermott are our 2 best sellers as they offer many cues under $300.00 that also include a Low Deflection shaft. These are high performance shafts that cut down or completely eliminate deflection when you shoot and make your shot that much more perfect. Stop in and check out these shafts and see for yourself.
We offer everyone a chance to try before you buy on all of our cues.

The Internet can not offer you any better deals than we can, no one cares if you buy a bad cue online and the information out there is usually not very good and you still can not try before you buy!

Our cues start around $35.00 with our discounts and we have something for everyone.!!!

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