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New Pool Tables for sale

New Pool Tables
for Sale

Huge selection of New Pool Tables in Fort Collins showroom and available for custom order.

pool ball on a new green billiard table

We have been with some of these companies for over 20 years and they are the Best! We are not carrying C.L. Bailey, or Imperial pool tables at this time , but we are good partners with them for many of their other game room products.

wooden billiard table
pool ball on black felt billiard table

Choosing a Pool Table

We carry several pool table brands in our showroom which give you an array of styles and pricing. Our Main Lines are Golden West, Made in Oregon, USA, Brunswick Billiards, Presidential American Heritage, Legacy Billiards, and Plank and Hide.

wooded pool table with green felt
pool close view

New Pool Table Accessories

All of our new billiards tables come with a very nice accessory package. Most of the billiards pool tables have a Kit that contains 2 cues, a bridge stick, Cover, brush, Cue rack, 8 and 9 ball racks, a Ball set and more! We make sure you get a good quality Billiard cloth for your pool table. The cloth is important to make sure you enjoy your table for years. Our cloth is bathed in Teflon before it is weaved and so accidental spills on to the cloth will bead up and you can wipe it off before a stain can set in! Brushing your cloth and even vacuuming it from time to time help keep chalk and dirt from settling in and can really extend the life of your cloth!

We offer too many items to post on our website – if you don’t see something please contact us as we most likely have what you need or can find it for you.

Discover some of our current in-stock
New Pool Table Inventory

If you are looking for a Pool Table or any type of Billiard Supplies we are the store for you! Servicing Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska for pool table installations, repairs, and moving.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, all of our new pool tables come with a premium accessory package, which includes cues, a bridge stick, a cover, a brush, a cue rack, 8 and 9 ball racks, a set of balls, and more.

Absolutely! Our showroom in Fort Collins has a huge selection of new pool tables, and we're also able to accommodate custom orders. Please contact us or visit our showroom to discuss your customization options.

Our billiard cloth is treated with Teflon to resist spills and stains. We recommend brushing the cloth and occasionally vacuuming it to prevent chalk and dirt from settling. This maintenance helps extend the life of your cloth.

Yes, we offer comprehensive services for pool table installations, repairs, moving, and more, servicing Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Contact us for more information on these services.

Contact Us

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