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Pool table assembly services and disassembly

Pool Table Installation, Teardown & Crating Slates

We do set ups on pool tables. Usually you have moved the table or have had someone else move it to your residence. Then our expert pool table installers would just assemble a pool table for you, and if the tear down was done properly we can almost always re-use the cloth it came with. Of course you may opt for new cloth if your tired of the color or moved to a new residence where another color would look better with that décor. Doing a recover (refelting with a new cloth) at the same time as a pool table installation does save you some money as some of the recover is redundant with the cost to assemble pool table any way.

To make sure we can quote you correctly for these jobs we will need to know what is the size of a pool table you have. If you neeed a 3 piece slate pool table assembly or disassembly, we may have some more questions when you call.

We also tear down tables for people who are usually going to move it themselves, have movers move it, or need it put in another room while they remodel or change out flooring etc.

If you are moving a long way, we also offer Crating of your slates; that way if moving companies move you or you have to lay them flat in a moving vehicle they should be safe from getting cracked as bumpy roads are not a friend to slates. In our van when we move pool tables from house to house we keep them in an upright position, but this is not always possible for other people moving pool tables that way, hence the crating is the solution. When we crate the slates it is very important that we know the size and the thickness of the slates so the crates will fit snug. Our professional pool table installers can help you with that if you are not sure how to measure. Give us a call or we can come out to measure if we feel that is necessary.



Frequently asked questions


Re-felting (or recovering with new cloth) your pool table during assembly is a cost-effective option that Front Range Pool Tables offers. Doing so saves money as some steps in the re-felting process overlap with the assembly process. Our team can help you choose a new cloth color that best fits your new residence's décor.

To schedule a service with Front Range Pool Tables, simply call us at 970-419-0816. Our professional pool table installers and movers are ready to assist you with your specific needs, whether it's assembly, disassembly, moving, or re-felting. We are available to measure your pool table if necessary to provide an accurate quote.