What size Pool Table should I buy?

Figuring out which size pool table is right for your home usually depends on the size of the room or area you want to put it in. All sizes are regulation. Regulation simply means that the slate on the pool table is twice as long as it is wide. Following that rule all tables will have the same feel of play. The 7ft size is more common outside the home as most pubs and bars use these for customers , league players and tournaments. They can fit more of that size table in an area therefore more profit can be made. It is a comfortable size to play and it does not always make it easier to play if that is your concern. The 7ft size is good for smaller areas.

8Ft pool tables have become the most common size for homes. If you have the space an 8ft is an excellent choice. Since it is the most common size these days we usually have a good stock on hand of our 8ft pool tables. 9ft Tables are what you will see the professionals on TV play. They use a 9ft because it is a little more challenging, but it also gives viewers the ability to see the action better; Hence that is also why they use certain colors of cloth during tournament play and also the cue ball will sport red dots so the viewer can tell what type of English the pro may be using etc. But that’s all for another blog, or page. If you have the room and are up for the challenge that just might be the size for you!

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