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Ultimate Poker Table Guide: Choose the Best for Your Game Nights

  Poker nights are a time-honored tradition, bringing friends and family together for hours of fun, strategy, and friendly competition. At the heart of these gatherings is the poker table itself – a crucial element that can make or break your gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual player hosting occasional games or a serious enthusiast looking to create the perfect game room, choosing the right table is essential. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to select the ideal poker tables for your needs, preferences, and space.

Table Size and Shape

several-poker-tables-in-a-well-decorated-room One of the first and most important considerations when choosing a poker table is its size and shape. These factors will determine how many players can comfortably sit at the table and how well it fits into your designated space.

Oval Poker Table

Oval poker tables are the most common and traditional shape for poker games. They typically seat 8-10 players comfortably, making them ideal for larger poker nights. The elongated shape allows for more seating while still maintaining a sense of intimacy and easy reach to the center of the table.   Dimensions for oval tables usually range from:
  • Length: 82″ to 96″
  • Width: 44″ to 48″
  • Height: 30″ to 32″
  When considering an oval table, ensure you have enough space not just for the table itself, but also for matching chairs and player movement. A good rule of thumb is to add an extra 3 feet around the perimeter of the table for comfortable seating and standing.

Round Poker Table

Round poker table are excellent for smaller spaces and more intimate games. They typically seat 6-8 players and promote a more casual, conversational atmosphere. The circular shape ensures that all players are equidistant from the center, creating a fair and balanced playing field. Round tables are perfect for smaller groups or those who prefer a cozier poker experience.   Common dimensions for round tables include:
  • Diameter: 48″ to 60″
  • Height: 30″ to 32″
  Round poker tables are often more versatile in terms of placement within a game room, as they don’t have corners that might obstruct movement or create awkward spaces.

Folding Poker Tables

Folding poker tables offer the ultimate in versatility and convenience. These tables come in various shapes and sizes, including oval and octagonal designs. They’re perfect for those who don’t have a dedicated space for a permanent poker table or who want the flexibility to store the table when not in use. Many folding tables feature folding legs for easy storage and transportation.   Folding tables typically seat 6-10 players, depending on the model. When choosing a folding table, consider both its open dimensions and its folded size to ensure it fits your storage space. These tables are great for customers who want to save space or have multiple uses for their game room.

Custom Shapes

For poker enthusiasts looking for something unique, custom-shaped poker tables are available. These can include:
  • Texas Hold’em poker table with a distinctive kidney shape
  • Rockwell tables with a modern, stylized design
  • Casino poker tables that mimic professional gaming establishments
  Custom shapes can add character to your game room but may come at a premium price.

Playing Surface

round-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room-front-view The quality of the playing surface is crucial for smooth card dealing and chip sliding. A good surface can significantly enhance the overall poker experience.


Felt is the traditional material for poker tables surfaces. It’s available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize the look of your table. Standard felt is affordable and provides a classic poker feel, but it can be prone to pilling and wear over time.
  • Pros of felt:

  1. Traditional look and feel
  2. Wide range of color options
  3. Affordable
  • Cons of felt:

  1. Can wear out faster than other materials
  2. Prone to staining
  3. May create static electricity

Speed Cloth

Speed cloth, also known as fast felt, is a popular modern option for poker tables. It’s smoother than traditional felt, allowing cards to slide effortlessly across the surface. Speed cloth is more durable and resistant to spills and stains. Some high-end tables feature Teflon-coated speed cloth for even better performance and longevity.
  • Pros of speed cloth:

  1. Smoother playing surface
  2. More durable than traditional felt
  3. Easier to clean
  • Cons of speed cloth:

  1. More expensive than standard felt
  2. Limited color options compared to felt

Suited Speed Cloth

Suited speed cloth is the top-of-the-line option for poker table surfaces. It combines the benefits of speed cloth with additional water-resistance and stain-resistance properties. This material often features subtle suit patterns woven into the fabric, adding a touch of elegance to your table.
  • Pros of suited speed cloth:

  1. Highest quality playing surface
  2. Extremely durable
  3. Water and stain-resistant
  4. Attractive woven patterns
  • Cons of suited speed cloth:

  1. Most expensive option
  2. Limited color and pattern choices


Regardless of the surface material you choose, proper padding underneath is essential. A well-padded surface provides comfort for players’ arms and helps absorb shock, protecting chips and cards from bouncing. Look for tables with at least 1/2 inch of high-density foam padding beneath the playing surface.

Rail Padding

side-view-big-poker-table The rail is the padded area around the edge of the table where players rest their arms. Comfortable rail padding is crucial for player enjoyment, especially during long gaming sessions.

High-Density Foam

High-density foam is the most common material used for rail padding. It offers a good balance of support and comfort, and it’s relatively durable.
  • Pros of high-density foam:

  1. Good support and comfort
  2. Durable
  3. Cost-effective
  • Cons of high-density foam:

  1. May compress over time with heavy use

Memory Foam

Memory foam rail padding provides superior comfort by molding to the shape of players’ arms. It’s an excellent choice for long poker sessions.
  • Pros of memory foam:

  1. Excellent comfort for extended play poker
  2. Retains shape well
  3. Reduces pressure points
  • Cons of memory foam:

  1. More expensive than standard foam
  2. May retain heat

Covering Materials

The material covering the rail padding is also important. Common options include:  
  1. Leather (or faux leather): Durable and easy to clean, with a luxurious look
  2. Vinyl: Affordable and easy to maintain, available in many colors
  3. Fabric: Offers a softer feel but may be more prone to staining
  Choose a covering that complements your table’s overall design and meets your maintenance preferences.

Table Frame

rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room-in-a-room The frame of your poker table determines its stability, durability, and overall aesthetic. Different materials offer various benefits and drawbacks.

Wood Frames

Wood frames are classic and can provide a range of looks from rustic to elegant. Oak is a popular choice for its durability and beautiful grain patterns. The quality and durability of wood frames can vary significantly based on the type of wood used.   Types of wood frames:
  • Solid Hardwood (e.g., oak, maple, walnut):

  1. Pros: Extremely durable, beautiful grain patterns, long-lasting
  2. Cons: Expensive, heavy
  • Engineered Wood (e.g., plywood):

  1. Pros: More stable than solid wood, resistant to warping
  2. Cons: Less prestigious than solid wood
  • Particleboard or MDF:

  1. Pros: Affordable, lightweight
  2. Cons: Less durable, prone to damage from moisture
  When choosing a wood frame, consider the table’s intended use. For a permanent, high-quality table, solid hardwood or high-grade engineered wood is ideal. These materials can create a stunning centerpiece for your game room or living area.

Metal Frames

Metal frames, typically made of steel or aluminum, offer excellent stability and durability. They’re often used in folding tables but can also be found in permanent designs.
  • Pros of metal frames:

  1. Very stable and durable
  2. Resistant to warping
  3. Often lighter than solid wood frames
  • Cons of metal frames:

  1. May lack the aesthetic appeal of wood
  2. Can be cold to the touch
  3. Potential for scratching floors if not properly protected

Composite Frames

Some modern poker tables use composite materials for their frames. These can offer a balance of durability, weight, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Pros of composite frames:

  1. Lightweight yet durable
  2. Resistant to warping and moisture damage
  3. Often more affordable than high-end wood or metal
  • Cons of composite frames:

  1. May lack the premium feel of traditional materials
  2. Limited design options

Cup Holders and Chip Trays

rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room-with-chairs Built-in cup holders and chip trays add convenience and organization to your poker table, enhancing the overall playing experience.

Cup Holders

Cup holders help prevent spills on the playing surface and keep drinks within easy reach. Consider the following factors when evaluating cup holders:  
  1. Material: Stainless steel or plastic (stainless steel is more durable but costlier)
  2. Size: Ensure they can accommodate various drink containers
  3. Depth: Deep enough to securely hold drinks
  4. Placement: Typically one per player, sometimes with additional holders at the corners
  Some high-end tables feature illuminated cup holders and stainless steel cup holders for added ambiance.

Chip Trays

Individual chip trays help players organize their chips and can add to the professional feel of your table. Look for:  
  1. Size: Large enough to hold a good number of chips
  2. Depth: Deep enough to prevent chips from easily spilling out
  3. Material: Usually matching the table’s overall design (wood, plastic, or metal)
  4. Removable: Some players prefer removable trays for easier chip management

Portability and Storage

rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room-in-a-modern-room Consider how and where you’ll use the table when making your choice. If you don’t have a dedicated game room, portability and storage features become crucial.

Folding Tables

Folding poker tables offer the most in terms of portability and storage. They typically feature:
  • Folding legs for compact storage
  • Lightweight materials for easy transport
  • Carrying handles or straps
  When choosing a folding table, pay attention to:
  • Folded dimensions: Ensure it fits in your intended storage space
  • Weight: Check that you can comfortably move it
  • Set-up ease: Look for tables with simple, quick set-up mechanisms
  Folding tables are excellent for customers who need to save space or want the flexibility to store the table when not in use.

Convertible Tables

Convertible poker dining tables are an excellent solution for those with less space or smaller spaces. These tables often feature:
  • Reversible tops (one side for poker, one for dining)
  • Removable poker surfaces
  • Adjustable heights
  Convertible tables are perfect for maximizing space in smaller homes or apartments, offering both a stylish centerpiece for your dining area and a functional poker table for game nights.

Permanent Tables

If you have a dedicated game room, a permanent poker table might be the best choice. While these tables aren’t designed for frequent moving, consider:  
  • Weight: Ensure you can move it if needed (e.g., for cleaning or rearranging)
  • Assembly: Some permanent tables may require partial disassembly to move through doorways

Additional Features

Modern poker tables often come with extra features that can enhance your gaming experience. Consider which of these might be valuable for your needs:

LED Lighting

Built-in LED lighting can add ambiance and functionality to your poker nights. Options may include:
  • Underlighting for a subtle glow
  • Rail lighting to illuminate chip stacks and drinks
  • Color-changing lights for customizable atmosphere

Built-in Shufflers or Dealer Buttons

Some high-end tables feature built-in card shufflers or electronic dealer buttons. These can add a professional touch to your poker games and ensure fair, random dealing.

Armrest Drink Holders

In addition to standard cup holders, some tables feature built-in channels or coolers in the armrest for keeping drinks cold.

USB Charging Ports

For the tech-savvy player, tables with built-in USB charging ports allow for convenient phone charging during long gaming sessions.

Convertible Poker Dining Tables

Some poker tables come with removable dining tops, allowing the table to serve double duty as a regular dining table when not used for poker.

Table Accessories

rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room While not part of the table itself, certain accessories can complement your poker table and enhance the overall gaming experience:

Poker Chips

Quality poker chips are essential for any serious game. Consider:  
  • Material: Clay, ceramic, or composite
  • Weight: Heavier chips (11.5g to 14g) often feel more premium
  • Design: Choose a style that complements your table

Card Shuffler

An automatic card shuffler can speed up game play and ensure thorough shuffling. Look for:
  • Capacity: Ability to shuffle multiple decks
  • Speed: Number of shuffles per minute
  • Noise level: Quieter models are less disruptive

Dealer Button and Blind Set

A professional dealer button and blind set adds authenticity to your games. Consider sets made of durable materials like acrylic or metal.

Table Cover

A fitted table cover protects your investment when not in use. Look for:
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Proper fit for your table size and shape
  • Elastic edges for a secure fit

Price Range and Purchasing Options

several-round-poker-tables-in-a-well-decorated-room Poker tables vary widely in price, reflecting differences in quality, features, and materials. Understanding the price ranges can help you set realistic expectations and budget accordingly.

Budget Options ($100-$300)

In this range, you’ll typically find basic folding tables suitable for occasional use or beginners on a tight budget.   These tables are suitable for occasional use or beginners on a tight budget.

Mid-Range ($300-$1000)

Mid-range tables offer a good balance of quality and affordability. These tables are great for regular home games and enthusiasts.

High-End ($1000+)

High-end tables offer the best in terms of quality, durability, and features. These tables are ideal for serious poker enthusiasts or those wanting a luxury piece of furniture. When making your purchase, consider the following:
  • Check the store or website for any ongoing sales or promotions
  • Look for free shipping offers on larger items
  • Some stores may offer assembly services for an additional fee
  • Create an account on the store’s website to track your order and receive updates

Custom Tables

For those seeking a truly unique table, custom options are available. Prices for custom tables can range from $2000 to $10,000 or more, depending on materials, features, and design complexity.

Brand Reputation

several-rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room Choosing a reputable brand can ensure you get a quality product and good customer service. Some well-known poker table brands include:  
  • BBO Poker Tables: Known for high-quality, feature-rich tables
  • Barrington: Offers a range of affordable to mid-range options
  • Fat Cat: Popular for folding and portable tables
  • Trademark Poker: Provides budget-friendly options
  • Presidential Billiards: Specializes in luxury, custom tables
  When considering a brand:
  • Read customer reviews on multiple platforms
  • Check warranty and return policies
  • Look for brands with good customer service reputations
  • Consider how long the brand has been in business

Maintenance and Care

rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your poker table. Here are some tips:  
    • Regular cleaning: Brush or vacuum the playing surface gently
    • Spill protection: Clean spills immediately to prevent staining
  • Use a table cover when not in use
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the table
  • Keep the table away from direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • For wooden tables, maintain consistent humidity levels to prevent warping


rounded-poker-table-in-a-well-decorated-room-with-people Choosing the right poker table involves carefully considering various factors, including size, materials, features, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a casino poker table experience at home, a versatile convertible poker dining table, or a compact option for smaller groups, there’s a wide selection available to suit your needs.   Remember that a good poker table is an investment in your gaming experience and home entertainment. Whether you opt for a budget-friendly folding table or a luxurious custom-built model, the right choice will provide countless hours of enjoyment for you, your family, and friends.   Take your time to research, compare options, and if possible, see and feel tables in person before making your decision. With the information provided in this guide, you’re well-equipped to find the perfect poker tables that will be the centerpiece of many memorable game nights to come.

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FAQs About Poker Table

What are the common shapes for poker tables? The most common shapes for poker tables are oval and round. Oval tables typically seat 8-10 players, while round tables seat 6-8 players.   What are the standard dimensions for an oval poker table? Oval poker tables usually range from 82″ to 96″ in length, 44″ to 48″ in width, and 30″ to 32″ in height.   What materials are typically used for poker table playing surfaces? Common materials for poker table playing surfaces include felt, speed cloth, and suited speed cloth. Each offers different benefits in terms of durability, smoothness, and resistance to stains.   What should I consider when choosing a poker table frame? When choosing a poker table frame, consider materials like solid hardwood, engineered wood, metal, or composite. Factors to weigh include durability, stability, aesthetics, and weight.   Are there poker tables suitable for small spaces or occasional use? Yes, folding poker tables and convertible poker dining tables are excellent options for small spaces or occasional use. They offer portability and easy storage.